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Photo of Red Squirrel by Ron McCombe

Red Squirrel by Ron McCombe

Red Squirrels.

The red squirrel is native to Britain, but its future is increasingly uncertain as the introduced American grey squirrel expands its range across the mainland. There are estimated to be only 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain, with over 2.5 million greys.

Northumberland is one of the last remaining areas in England that still has a viable population of red squirrels in our woods. In fact the Kyloe/Detchant and Shiellow woods have been designated as a Red Squirrel Reserve by Northumberland Wildlife Trust's Save our Squirrels Project.

However our red squirrels are under threat from the introduced American grey squirrel throughout the north of England because:-

  • Grey squirrels out-compete red squirrels for food in deciduous and mixed woodlands.

  • Grey squirrels carry a disease called squirrelpox virus which is harmless to them but kills red squirrels within two weeks.

Please help by reporting sightings of both red and grey squirrels.

Contact Heather on 07536 076131, ....or
go to the Sightings page on this website, .... or
email sightings

The Kyloe, Detchant and Shiellow Reserve.

Within the north of England there are 16 dedicated Red Squirrel Reserves - areas of (mostly coniferous) forest which have been identified as giving the red squirrel the best chance of continued survival. All the landowners and managers of these forests have signed up to an agreement that they will manage the habitat to the maximum benefit of the red squirrel through carefully planned felling and replanting programmes.

The Kyloe, Detchant and Shiellow woods together form one of these reserves that are vital to help the survival of our native red squirrel. They form the sole reserve in north Northumberland, with the Kidland and Kielder forests being the next closest.

These woods create a unique habitat, having a huge variety of tree species, and are special as one of the last refuges of the red squirrel in England. It is important that we as the local community do everything we can to protect the environment for the survival of this beautiful endangered animal.

Kyloe, Detchant and Shiellow need all of our help to enable our red squirrels to survive.

Local groups like the Berwick Group are key to raising awareness locally and encouraging local action to save the red squirrel.

The Berwick Red Squirrel Group.

During 2006 two members took part in a project surveying squirrels in Kyloe Woods for Newcastle University.

However, the Berwick Group only started in 2008 when a small group attended a training day in Kyloe Woods, run by the staff from Northumberland Wildlife Trust's Save our Squirrels Project, where we were shown how to recognise signs of squirrel activity and their dreys, together with various methods of undertaking squirrel surveys in woodland.

The SoS Project has now been replaced by the Red Squirrels in Northern England Project with whom we continue to work very closely.

Also as we are so close to the Scottish Borders the Group liase with the Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels Project.

The Group is a member of Northern Red Squirrels, a voluntary organisation which works to co-ordinate all groups in northern England involved in red squirrel conservation.

We believe passionately in our native red squirrel and are working hard to conserve them.

Individually we are not "experts", but together we are learning, and building up knowledge and expertise to provide information on squirrels in the Berwick area.

What we do.

Our main aims are to :-

  • Help protect the Kyloe, Detchant and Shiellow Red Squirrel reserve and all red squirrels in northern Northumberland and southern Scotland.

  • Work closely with Red Squirrels in Northern England Project and Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels.

  • Raise people's awareness of local squirrels.

  • Encourage people to appreciate and enjoy squirrels.

  • Train people in the principles and practice of wildlife/squirrel surveying and recording.

  • Gather data on squirrels throughout North Northumberland and southern Scotland.

We therefore arrange events and take the following action,

  • Surveys of squirrels in the woods of North Northumberland so that people can learn the process of wildlife recording and at the same time add to the database of local information.

  • Supply this data to Red Sqirrels in Northern England and Saving Scotlands Red Squirrels.

  • Contact local people and landowners in an attempt to raise squirrel awareness .

These are open to everyone.

Would you like to be involved?

We are a small group of about 18 people.

All members provide valuable support for the local environment.

Most enjoy our walks, and many help with the range of surveys and behind-the-scenes organisation essential for the success of the group.

Members do not have to have special skills or knowledge, just an interest in squirrels and their environment. Come along to one of our meetings/surveys and see if you might like to join us.

Interested? For further information contact Heather on 07536 076131
or email

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